• “Dear Renee, I don't know if 'Thank You' would ever be enough for the services, insight and friendship you have given to my boys and our family.  I really think of you as saving Saxton's educational life, and drastically improving Grey’s.  Had you not discovered that you thought Saxton was saying what he was hearing and not suggested hearing exams, we would have lost more time.  In the year and a half of working together, my sons not only caught up to their 'peers' but excelled in their speech, their behaviors and their overall attitudes.  You were a life saver.  Your dedication, suggestions and overall skills in dealing firmly yet so lovingly with my children integrated you into our family forever.  And every family I have referred you to since has told me you have LITERALLY changed their child's life.   I will forever be grateful”. – Jennifer, G.

  • Prior to working with Renee, my daughter could not rhyme or read at all.  Within a couple of months she was rhyming and reading.  My daughter got her confidence back and most importantly loved learning to read.  In addition my daughter loves to work with Renee.  We had tutors before and she dreaded her session.  With Renee, my daughter looks forward to the sessions and uses her strategies with confidence. - Ali, R.

  • I had the pleasure of working with Renee when she saw two of my children for speech therapy services simultaneously, for approximately 18 months. Renee was fantastic and I say that as a fellow speech therapist describing another. Renee was highly recommended to me by a very experienced speech therapist, who described Renee as dynamic, highly knowledgeable and very effective. In addition to being punctual, professional and versed in the most recent articulation remediation techniques, Renee kept my children focused on therapy exercises and motivated to accomplish their articulation goals. Both children made rapid progress and by the end of the school year one was discharged from therapy due to the hard work of Renee while the other one required only a few months more of work. She kept me up to date on what they were working on in therapy and provided us with practice exercises for carryover between sessions and during school breaks. Renee's professionalism and knowledge of her field make her an asset to any family either as an individual therapist or as part of a multi-disciplinary approach.  – Melanie, W.

  • Renee first met my son when he was a tiny fifteen months old.  We adopted him at thirteen months, and our first task was to get him healthy and strong.  When Renee met him, she saw past his physical weaknesses and abundant drool to the charming and curious boy he is.  She bonded with him immediately, affectionately guiding him in a consistent and well-conceived speech therapy practice.  Renee commanded our son’s attention and developed his ability to focus, to learn, and to respond effectively to language.  Her knowledge of her field, her warmth with children and her professional and articulate advice to us as parents all make her someone we will remember with gratitude always. – Sara, B.

  • "Renee and Amanda worked with my son to clarify his speech as a result of a lateral lisp. Amanda was quick to notice that he responded well to assessment -- and to continually improving his 'score.' She also was always attuned to keeping things fun and interesting for him. She was kind and complimentary but firm -- the perfect combo in my book!"