At Fisher Speech & Language Innovations PLLC, we believe in providing expert instruction at the family's convenience.  We provide a combination of behavior modification, cutting edge multi-sensory intervention techniques and parent training to create a formula for optimal success and achievement. It is our belief that support should not continue for a prolonged period of time, rather we strive to equip each child with the necessary knowledge and skill set to independently generalize and implement their newly acquired skills, so that they can be successful in school, at home and within peer relationships.

Additionally, at FisherSLI, we feel it is extremely important to facilitate and make connections between the family, teachers and other professionals working with the child, to form a solid “team” working together and collaborating toward achieving the same goals for the child.

Working with FisherSLI, each child has an opportunity to grow, not just academically, but also in a social and emotional capacity as well.  We instill a strong work ethic, personal responsibility for "owning" their goals and recognizing and celebrating both small and large successes/gains.

The company logo represents the journey each child and his/her family take in moving up the ladder one step at a time to reach their goal.  We wholeheartedly believe in "Reaching for the Stars” and that each child is capable of the very best. If we set the bar high, they will reach to meet it!