Why does my child need speech-language therapy if their speech seems to be fine?

As Speech-Language Pathologists, we provide intervention in speech sound disorders as well as language disorders and delays, which encompass, but are not limited to the areas listed above.

A delay or disorder in any of the areas listed above will undoubtedly cause difficulties in a child's academic success in school, at home and within peer relationships. As Speech-Language Pathologists, we have expertise in identifying and targeting these areas of difficulty.  We provide screenings and comprehensive evaluations to diagnose and analyze the neurological underpinnings that may cause or contribute to a child's difficulties in any of the areas listed above. Using diagnostic results, present levels of performance, and child and family’s preferences, we are able to custom tailor each intervention plan for success.  We believe each child learns differently and it is our job to identify their learning style and teach to that.